Getting Through the Day, One Cup at a Time.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

So it Begins.

I used to do this all the time on Myspace. Blogging is something that you can leave and go back to so easily, like that exboyfriend you hate but is really good in the sack. I don't know why I'm coming back now, perhaps the writing bug has bitten or perhaps I just need a release and I'm too lazy to write things by hand anymore. The days of the diary are gone, thank you internet. Not that I wouldn't be excited to go buy my little Hello Kitty journal, but it would sit on my dresser and collect dust, would I share my oh so important thoughts with the planet?
We'll see how this goes, whether it turns into something worthwhile. If nothing else, I can amuse you all with my various day to day mistakes, and we can rejoice when I get down to accomplishing something besides qualifying for yet another student loan.
The BBKF is back.


  1. I, for one, am quite glad that you are.

  2. Hurray!! I love your stuff!


    *claps hands*

  4. If I was a twenty five year old woman, this could be a survivor's guide to the pit falls of the twenty-something life. However, I am not. Alas, I am old geezer looking long into my rear-view mirror at my twenty-something, long since receded into the horizon. *sigh*

    Welcome back to sharing the thoughts and voices of doubt that rattle in that noggin of yours. I am your 10th follower. Let the journals commence.

    Even though you want to document failures, please also post your successes. You're bound to have a few. Sorry so wordy.