Getting Through the Day, One Cup at a Time.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Absentee ballot

Sorry kids, I'm back. You know how you always think you'll get around to writing that blog? After you do your homework, housework, social obligations and wants, plus whatever the hell else pops up... Yeah, that stuff. So anyway, I'm back. I missed you too.


In September I became an EMT-B. Huzzah! Surprisingly, you cannot do a lot. I think that my 11 year old cousin could do my job with no problem. Totally explaining why everyone wants you to be a medic.
I have a part-time job working events here in the city. You've seen the Colts game pictures. Who has the best part-time job available? Me. Sometimes it is boring, and yes, not all my coworkers are full of hearts and rainbows, but whose job doesn't entail that as well too? So, no complaints.
Still cleaning houses as the other part-time gig. That will be over in May, right around my 3rd year anniversary. At some point you get enough of dirty toilets, pet hair, and the smell of Windex, and make the decision that its time to move on. I am extremely grateful for the job having lasted and provided income this long. School would have been impossible without it. However, if I see one more trashcan overflowing with Diet Coke cans and used Kleenex there could possibly be a clocktower and sniper rifle in my future.

This semester has brought on a whole new universe of difficult. Chemistry, Political Science, Physical Science, and Fire Science have been keeping me busy for a month with 3 more to go. I love the classes, especially my fire class, but I miss sleeping too. I will admit that Wednesday is now my favorite day of the week. On hump day I get to walk into a class where I'm the only girl, learn about the best job on the planet (firefighting), and prove that I can learn, adapt, and have a burning passion to be a part of a community of leaders, caretakers, friends, brothers and sisters, mentors, and much, much more. Its scary as hell, and the most exciting thing I've ever taken part of at the same time.

I'm still doing Crossfit. Love it. Recommend it to anyone. Our crew just moved in to a new facility. No more ragtag garage misfits. I'll miss the close quarters and small classes, but I'm very proud of our coaches growing business.
My efforts to get in shape have been relatively steady, but the new focus is diet. I know how to eat right, its the consistency that is lacking. Lately I've been reading up on Paleo and The Primal Blueprint, both excellent lifestyles that require discipline and commitment. More to follow on my dealings with food...

I'd love to expand and talk about more things, but at the moment I'm in need of a nap, so until next time, I hope you are well, thank you for being my friend.